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Lead Generation Marketing Near Me
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Our team is with you every step of the way.

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Marketing your business starts with figuring out how you stand out from the competition and getting your business online. We are here to partner with you and find that "it" factor.

We research market trends to offer ideas for marketing channels and strategies to keep you updated on available tools. 

We look forward to getting to know you better and forming a long-term partnership that will protect and grow your business for years to come.

Meet The Team

We’re a lot cooler in-person.


Sunny Skaggs

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Sunny Skaggs, has built her creative foundation with over 20 years of graphic design experience and a BFA in Painting and Graphic Design from the University of Arkansas. She has a passion for photographing people in a way that shows off their unique personalities. She loves photography and has been a professional photographer since 2015.

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Erika Finnestead

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Erika Finnestead, Founder of ASAP For Social Media. Her goal was to help local businesses use the power of social media to help their business. She originally created Marketing Near Me as a podcast where she shared her 10+ years of marketing, branding, and advertising knowledge. Preferred Office Technologies loved the idea so much they decided to become the ultimate sponsor and brought the whole team into their family of small business services in 2021.

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Kevin Dickinson

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Kevin Dickinson, is the Co-owner and CFO of Preferred Office Technologies. They have helped companies manage their information by providing professional document and IT solutions. He continues to find solutions for businesses, and marketing was next on his list. Preferred launched Marketing Near Me March 2021. His goal is to help small businesses grow their market footprint and increase their ROI.