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Marketing Materials

January 2022 Calendar Goals

Graphics: Social | minimum 36

  • 6 per blog (12)

  • 2 team shout-outs

  • 1 one year of marketing department

  • 4 video announcements 

  • VoIP tutorial will in graphics (6)

  • SMART IT solutions (5)

  • 2 holiday posts (Erika’s birthday)

  • IT checklist (5 or more)


Video: 2 over 2min | 2 - under two minutes

  • Tutorials: how to use certain printers (Jason)

  • A day the life of service: Fort Smith Day

  • Holiday Party

  • Davide history with Preferred (get pictures of before and after) if none are available get a picture of a Bruce Willis on his desk (this was me when I first started)

Photos: 40 minimum

  • Product shots - printers, phones, paper, toner, pushing printer buttons, computers, tools

  • Day in the life - service

  • Around office 


Blogs: 2 blogs

  • What is VoIP? And how it will benefit your business.

  • Organizing tips for digital files. New Year, new efficiency.

  • TAG "press release"

Newsletters: 3

  • Blog 1

  • Blog 2

  • CEO letter for new year email

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